Staff Profiles

Edgar Chalmers, Staff Writer

When you think of Edgar Chalmers, you think of The Mirror, The Sunday Mirror, The Guardian, The Independent and The Observer. All of these are papers that he has read at some point.

Formerly a staff writer for The Daily Express, Oxbridge Educated Chalmers has his views and bloody well sticks to them, thank you very much.


Colin Collymore, Sportsdesk

Colin Collymore is a sports writer from the upper east side of Manchester.

He is a fan of all sports ranging from Muay Thai Volleyball to the Footballing antics of Manchester Rovers.

He is a Gemini.


Rod Ladle, Freelance Journalist

Roderick Bonaparte Ladle is a freelance journalist with nearly 25 years of experience. His career began after being accidentally hired as Editor of The Sun newspaper when he was 8 years old. After realising their mistake he was quickly moved to the Politics desk where he spent the next 7 years submitting adorable reports from Westminster before later turning freelance. He has written articles on subjects ranging from child slavery to sportswear retail, and was hired as Channel 5’s war correspondent, spending several years in France before being released when no wars broke out there.

Ladle lives in the North with his third wife. They have no official children after a judge ruled them unfit to lawfully reproduce.


John Littlejohn, Staff Writer

John William Littlejohn is currently the interim editor of Landfill Girls – an adult magazine devoted to pictures of slappers rolling around on landfill sites. He has also worked on a voluntary basis as David Ike’s research assistant.

Littlejohn was previously a columnist for The Hidden Hand (The Jewish Peril), and has also written for The Daily Mail and London's Evening Standard. Littlejohn earned a place in the inaugural English Defence League’s Hall of Fame as one of the most influential defenders of British identity in the past 40 years.

Although many of his columns are devoted to life and society in England, the threat of Gypsies, and his disgust at women, Littlejohn lives for much of the year in the United States.

He has a cat called Sprinkles, and wife he affectionately calls Punch-bag.

He is perhaps most well know for bringing his much-loved “I’m not racist but...” catchphrase to the mainstream.


Lydia Muff-Footle, Female Correspondent,

Having successfully completed 11 1/2 months in Media Studies at De Montfort University, Lydia Muff-Footle is an educated young woman with a lot to say. The Dodo's very own tame feminist, Lydia enjoys rom-coms, the novelisations of rom-coms, shopping, chocolate, living it up with her girl friends, being a devoted mother and wife, and in her own candid words, "Showing the boys how it's done".

A true Loose Woman of our times, Lydia comments on the real issues facing modern women in a phalocentric world and tells it like it is.


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