Monday, 21 September 2015

Piggate: Family comes out in defence of David Cameron

by John Littlejohn,

David Cameron, today
The family of the dead pig whose face was prodded by David Cameron’s man-sausage* has come out in the Prime Minister’s defence.

The relatives of Sir Trufflesnout said that having his dead face humped by a future Prime Minister was “what he would have wanted.”

A family spokesman said the Trufflesnouts have been “driven rind the bend by reporters,” adding that the allegations “are sow two-thousand-and-late.”

Mr Cameron made his "Bill Clinton" statement during a family outing to Hampshire.

Mr Cameron said: “Today has been the wurst day of my life, but I hope these words will help to save my bacon because when I first heard about this, I thought it was a rib.

“When I saw pulled pork was on the menu I thought it would be a nice Chorizo I can only apologise for being such a jerky," he said.

“I ham truly sorry.”


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