Thursday, 8 May 2014

Eurovision Vision

Lydia Muff-Footle

Roll out the red carpet and pop open the Bolly’ guys, it’s Eurovision time! Each year we Brits love to gather round the TV to take part in this national event.

Watching on 52” flat screens specially hire-purchased for the event from Bright House thousands will be asking those same old questions: Will the Australians pull off another feat of Gregorian chanting? Will the Indians do any of that charming dancing they do in their films? Will the Egyptians be walking like Egyptians yet again? And the Canadians.

However you watch it and whoever you’re rooting for don’t forget me, reader, because I’ve got a little surprise: I’ll be commentating on the whole night, live!* Screw you Norton, who’s Chat Queen now?

So bring on the booze, pop open the Twiglets and get ready to listen, laugh and post god awful boring Eurovision Tweets whilst I amuse you with my sparkling wit and teasing banter.
*On the red button, channel 819, LifestyleQuatreVous

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