Tuesday, 11 March 2014

High Court rules on Schofield's Law

Smoked out - Gadd, yesterday
by John Littlejohn

Militant paedophile group Liberty lost its legal challenge in the High Court today to remove the ‘no smoke without fire’ clause from Schofield’s Law.

The clause protects children from pervert sex monsters and was introduced to give the media the freedom to name and shame people it considers to be a bit dodgy without fear of EU red tape and loony lefties crying libel.

The case was lost when Liberty’s Grand Researcher Paul Gadd (pictured) wheeled a smoke machine into the court room to prove that there could be smoke without fire.

The machine bellowed thick smoke across the court room, but no fire could be seen.

Lord Justice Martine Martinez conceded that there could be smoke without fire and ruled that Schofield’s Law would have to be reviewed.

But as Mr Gadd removed the smoke machine from the court room, it caught fire and the court had to be evacuated and proceedings moved to an adjacent room.

Lord Justice Martinez quickly reversed his decision, and Mr Gadd was quickly arrested again for eyeing up one of Newsround’s Press Pack taking notes from the press bench.

Lord Justice Martinez said: "This is a great day for justice and a great day for my media profile."

A spokestranny from Liberty said he/she was disappointed with the ruling, he/she said: “We didn’t win two world wars and one world cup for this.”

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