Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Police continue valiant efforts to fish out Bulgarian scroungers

by John Littlejohn

A 39-year-old Bradford man was arrested today for looking ‘too Bulgarian’.

Seamus Islam (pictured) was arrested at his home in city after reports from neighbours who had complained to police about ‘suspicious immigration’ and ‘benefit claimery’.

Mr Islam, who has lived in Bradford since his birth, was detained by police in a local station for 15 hours before being released to a pack of EDL protesters.

Ch Insp Archimedes Goldberg said: “We can confirm that Mr Islam was arrested on suspicion of immigrancy during a dawn raid this morning.”

He added: “He looked really Bulgarian, so we had to act.”

A spokeslady for Bradford Council said: “We really don’t want these Bulgarians coming over here and taking our benefits.”

She added: “We didn’t win two world wars and one world cup for this.”

Mr Islam is still recovering in hospital after falling out his bed many times during the night onto a police officer’s shoes and truncheon.

No one from the Bulgarian Embassy in Bradford was available to comment.

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