Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Preview – Mock The Afflicted set to take the world of trashy Channel 4 docu-ality by storm

Hag: The meddlesome Mary Porter, yesterday
This week The Dodo was given an exclusive preview of Channel Four’s new 53 part weekly guilt fix ‘Mock The Afflicted’ . Set to take the established format of freak pointing reality TV to a whole new level, the programme will examine the harsh realities in the lives of a different disadvantaged person each week.

From single mothers of five on benefits, to paraplegic war veterans and a woman with a spacky face, ‘Mock The Afflicted’ will examine their lives in a disrespectful amount of detail under a veneer of sensitivity, so we don’t feel bad about it.

At the end of each episode experts such as Jenny Éclair (of ‘Top 50 Things From 1980’ and ‘Top 50 Things From 1981’ etc. fame) and Channel 4’s resident meddling harridan, Mary Porter will tell them how to sort their sad little lives out; with hilarious and tragic consequences!

The series, sponsored by Cash Converters aims to draw attention to the struggles of those on the margins of society and in doing so make us all feel better about ourselves. Spending the day working in a PPI call centre won’t seem half so bad when compared to a man who wets himself a lot trying to hold down a badly paid job, bless.

From the makers of ‘The Priapism Diaries’ and ‘Disableds; Sort Yourselves Out!’ and narrated by Michael McIntyre, who is sure to provide giggles and guffaws galore, this social investigation will touch the inner child of all who watch it, but not in that way.

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