Monday, 29 July 2013

A word from our sponsors.

"We need your mash and we will pay the best prices!"
$$$ Cash4Mash $$$

Got mash?

Need cash?

Call Cash4Mash today!

If you're a pauper, we will assume that you've already hawked your bling to a disreputable cash for gold company and sold your DVDs and xbox to Crack Converters. You may be asking yourself what you've got left to sell in return for money for the kids new school uniforms, that's where we come in...

Simply collect together any part-packets of instant mash flakes from the back of your kitchen cupboards, sprinkle the dried mash into one of our special secure envelopes and put it in the post. We will weigh it and send you a postal order to the value of your mash.

Instant Mash = Instant* Cash - It couldn't be simpler!!!

*Conversion from mash to cash will take between 12 to 16 weeks.

(Cash4Mash is part of Toasties4Roasties, the company who exchange your unwanted toastie makers for frozen roast potatoes made from reconstituted instant potato)

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