Thursday, 27 December 2012

A message from our sponsors

Birdseye have been putting-food-in-breadcrumbs-then-deep-frying-them-for-a-short-while-so-that-you-can-fry-them-at-home for generations.  Now we’re bringing you the finest in brand new family freezer fodder.

The Result?  Birdseye’s Bird’s Eyes!  This delicious deep-fried delicacy takes the juicy eyes of the Chickens that we turn into nuggets and dippers, dip them in breadcrumbs, flash fry them so when you cook them they are the freshest and juiciest bird’s eyes that money can buy!
What's more, one portion gives you one of your recommended Five-A-Day portions of off cuts and offal. 

All the goodness of birds eyes that your kids need in the crisp golden crumbs they can’t resist.
Captain Birdseye (pictured) says “Ahoy there mateys! Kids can’t get enough of my birds eyes in crumbs! They’re the best bait for luring children onto my boat that money can buy!”

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