Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Lady Dodo: Goss, goss, goss!!!

Lydia Muff-Footle has had her minions scouring the celebrity scene to give you the latest goss.

What's Hot

Peephole Onesies - Easy access for fleecy frolics.
Tony Blackburn - This hot up and coming new DJ known for frequenting the hottest urban nightspots will be rocking your winter so keep it tuned to radio 2!
Carbon - Move over Lead - Carbon is THE new element to be seen with according to celebrity stalkers.


What's Not?

Oxygen - Yeah, we know we totally need you to live but like stop going on about it...
The internet - Don't tell US what to think...
Parrots - Who DO they think they are?



Charcoal is the new ebony
Asparagus Green is the new Apple Green
Crimson Red is the new Ruby Red


Celeb Rumours

Out of the jungle and into the off licence?
We spotted Brian Conley walking out of his local Threshers with a bottle of Jacob's Creek - Didn't take you long to get back into the habit, did it Brian?
Fat or Pregnant? You decide.
We've noticed that Breaking Dawn star Ashley Tisdale has a bit of a bulge going on - winter blubber, illegitimate baby or both?
With recent appearances on TV's 'The News', we have it on good authority that Radio Star Dave Lee Travis (pictured) is finally about to launch his TV career.
All of us at The Lady Dodo wish him luck, but hello? Lose the beard!

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