Monday, 26 November 2012

Stevie Wonder appointed leader of the BNP.

by Edgar Chalmers

In a bizarre turn of events, musician Stevie Wonder (pictured) has been appointed the Grand Imperial Wizard of the far-right political party, the British National Party. The soul legend has taken up the post because he doesn’t trust black people. In a statement to The Dodo Times, he said: ‘As a white man living in Britain, I find myself uncomfortable with the amount of blacks over here. I just want to go about my daily life as best as I can without having to fear for my life when I visit certain boroughs. Enoch Powell certainly had the right idea, and I intend to bring those ideas into play and usher in a new era of “White Britain”.’

We managed to get a few words with the visually impaired singer's PA who explained his political leanings: ‘Yes, we know that he’s a black manl; but he doesn’t. And after all these years of being his assistant, I’m scared that it might get a bit awkward if I told him’.

This reporter is confused by this latest news: how could he not know? I mean, who ever heard of a white man with both soul and rhythm? I blame the loony-left PC brigade... and Europe.

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