Tuesday, 27 November 2012


by Rod Ladle

As ever, our crack team of celebrity spotters have been tirelessly working to bring you the latest and most up-to-date celebrity sightings anywhere on the internet.

SPOTTED: We saw ANGELINA JOLIE in Homebase in Rhyll, buying a large bag of sawdust. For husband Brad’s pet hamster, maybe?

SPOTTED: PAUL DANIELS using a photo booth in a Boots store in central London yesterday. Going on holiday Paul, or just updating your driving license?

SPOTTED: Uh-oh! We might have spotted DANNY DYER shoplifting candy floss from a market trader in Camden on Saturday. Don’t worry Danny, we won’t tell, don’t send your gangster friends after us!

SPOTTED: Was that DAVID BECKHAM sitting on the coin-operated monkey racing car ride outside Tesco in Droitwich last night? Don’t cry David, we’re sure that Victoria will be back soon with 50p so you can have another go.

SPOTTED: Our sources tell us that SIR PATRICK MOORE showed up at a class teaching Morenada dancing in Buckinghamshire on Tuesday night to prepare for a cruise holiday around the coast of Bolivia. Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do, Sir Patrick!

SPOTTED: TOM CRUISE in full Samurai dress using a ceremonial katana to slice frozen chickens in two at the meat counter in Aldi in Hollywood.

SPOTTED: Lord Alan Sugar (pictured) posing for a caricature artist in London’s Trafalgar Square. Our source says that Lord Sugar wasn’t best pleased with the portrait though, which looked like a cartoon teddy bear. Sounds accurate to us, Alan!

Keep those celebrity spots coming in!

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