Friday, 23 November 2012

The Lady Dodo: Save Our Suffering Giants.

by Lydia Muff-Footle, Female Correspondent

Once again, the British Public are reeling from shock as the Big Four supermarkets announce decreased Christmas spending among consumers. Mid-year 2012, Tesco experienced its first fall in profits since 1994. At just £1.7 billion by August it's going to be a cold Christmas for Tesco this year.

Who is to blame for this degrading poverty? You, dear reader, you! Personally, I buy all of my shopping through Ocado, so it's nothing to do with me, but the average shopper has been spending less and less this year. As Joanne Public tightens her belt in the face of the recession, our faithful supermarkets are missing out.

For some unfathomable reason, people have begun to think they can define themselves through their beliefs, interests, relationships and values, not their weekly shop. Simplifying, homemade, paying-off debt, saving up - where did people pick up these silly, outmoded ideas? Whatever happened to good old 'I shop, therefore I am'?

I know that you, reader, may be struggling in this harsh financial climate. We all are. Just last week I had to say no to my little son when he asked for a new DS game, because I just didn't have the money, having spent it on a new DS and eight games. Of course, I'm not a monster, and I did buy my beaming little four year old the game yesterday as a reward for eating all his dinner, but the point is that I understand that we all must make sacrifices to get by. We're all struggling on.

But is that any excuse to abandon the supermarkets, those benevolent giants, in their time of need? I think not. So come on girls, let's save our supermarkets, crack out those trusty credit cards and get spending!

I'm going to do my bit; will you do yours?

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