Thursday, 22 November 2012

Next week's TV highlights.

I Love Paul McCartney

Twelve-part series about the man who invented Western music: Sir Paul McCartney. Written, produced, directed by and starring the chirpy egomaniac.

BBC4 9pm, Saturdays


Holmes Under the Hammer

- Eamonn Holmes receives a brutal beating in front of a live studio audience.

BBC1, weekdays, 11am


Kick it to the Max

Twelve celebs compete in a series of dangerous and humiliating challenges, with the lucky winner being granted the opportunity to go around to Max Clifford’s house and kick him in the onion sack - expect explosive results.

ITV2, Thursday, 7pm


Johnny Cash in the Attic

The rotting remains of the pickled, ostrich punching country singer are sold at auction to pay for a day at Chessington World of Adventures for the grandkids.

BBC1, Tuesday, 12pm


Delia or no Delia

Everybody’s favourite ‘what’s in the box’ show in which 22 celebrity chefs are stuffed into a series of numbered boxes. Will the winner get to take home Delia Smith as their personal cook for a year, or will it be a steal with Anthony Worrall Thompson?

Channel 4, Weekdays, 4pm


Ricky Gervais Meets... His maker

The tubby, posh 'funny-man'(pictured) laughs uproariously in the face of God as he sycophantically tries to put himself over as a peer to the man upstairs. Expect awkwardness with hilarious and ultimately damning consequences.

Friday Channel 4, 10pm

Celebrity ‘Who the Fuck do you Think you Are, Pal?’

Celebs go into a pub in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and spill someone’s pint, with hilarious and tragic consequences.

ITV, Thursday, 9pm


Bring Back... Justin Lee Collins

The beardy, girlfriend-beating twat takes a humourous and nostalgic walk down the memory lane of his battered career with hilarious and tragic consequences.

E4, Friday 11pm


Archive on 4 – All Innocent Fun

A look back at some of the finest gropes, smuttiest grins and sauciest comments to underage girls in history of the BBC. Featuring Jimmy Savile, Rod Hull and Anthea Turner.

BBC4, Sunday, 9pm


  1. I would pay good money to see Holmes under the Hammer

  2. If you want a slightly different twist on this, I know somebody who knows MC Hammer.