Thursday, 15 November 2012

Britain ‘rampant with paedos’ alleges Schofield.

by John Littlejohn,

A shocking report conducted by the Schofield Trust has concluded that there are now more paedophiles in Britain than there are children.

With nonce-hunting season well under way, the Schofield report has listed the names of over 30 million UK residents (gathered by using Google and Twitter) alleging them to have been paedophiles at some point during their lives. The list, which includes the names of high-profile MPs, head teachers, police officers, three X Factor Judges, everyone at the BBC, and the banks, has been described by Prime Minister David Cameron (pictured) as ‘extensive reading’.

What is most shocking is that many of the alleged fiddlers are under the age of 16. The term ‘mutual grooming’ has been used to describe paedophile teenagers who lure each other into engaging in relationships, often with children of their own age. Abusive acts including holding hands and snogging have been alleged to occur in schools up and down the country, with the Schofield report to concluding that the British education system has harboured countless criminals and has been complacent in the reporting of such offences. The report also blames social media, the internet, and new digital technology for the increase in inter-child grooming.

The Schofield report calls for the resignation of everybody implicated within its pages, as well as everyone involved in its production. Prime Minister David Cameron welcomes the move, but urges caution ‘lest it been seen as a witch hunt’ – no witches have yet been implicated.

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